Tomo Yamakawa Design


Location : Qingpu, Shanghai

Time Period : 2014.8 - 2014.11

Status : Completed

Principal Use : Exhibition

Gross Area : 100m2

Photo : Eiichi KANO

The exhibition design for JAPANESE TEA-WARE EXHIBITION, organized by shanghai-based furniture brand ORIENTAL DESIGN, located in Qingpu, Shanghai. We are placed in charge of overall design supervision, including selecting and laying out the exhibit tea-wares.

Actually, there were large quantities of tea-wares from several prefectures in Japan. They are also different size and style. If we arranged them line up in an orderly manner, on the contrary it might be disorder impression. Therefore, our concept we proposed is “Invisible Categorized Circle”, which was inspired by top view of tea cups.

Its continuous circle plates creates natural opening divided space by gap between next to circle. And also there is painting different colors on edge of circle plates. It’s really subtle color categorized for each tea-wares from each prefectures without interruption of background behind an exhibit.

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