Tomo Yamakawa Design


Location : Shanghai, China

Time Period : 2014.9-2014.10

Status : Completed

Principal Use : Office

Gross Area : 25m2

Photo : Eiichi KANO

The office interior design for investment consulting firm located in Pudong business district, Shanghai. The client requested us two points. It was dividing meeting space for client and working space for staff and simple usability of fixtures.

Actually, there is only one existing window for this office space, which is also used as main entrance door to access. If we design dividing meeting and working space clearly with hard wall, there might not be sunlight for behind space. So we arranged curved partition made by translucent FRP waved board through the light. And also allocating each function, meeting table and working desk, on this curved line has saved the cost of making fixture. Therefore, one functional fixture makes soften sequential space with sunlight.

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