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Location : Tokyo, Japan

Time Period : 2014.5 - 2014.6

Status : Competition

Principal Use : House

Site Area : 195m2

Gross Area :  188m2

This site is located in a quiet residential region of Tokyo’s suburb. We are required to design the house adapted to live for 4 people and durable wood structure that be sustained a hundred years. At first, I tried to imagine what suitable house style able to live in hundred years. But I couldn’t do it.

Japanese people have taken care of “MA” emptiness space adapting multi-purpose function for Japanese traditional housing. “MA” is also traditional idea that counting between columns and representing the flow of time in Japanese. So we tried to create durable space adapted any function and any period by dividing “Servant Space” for unchangeable facilities and “Served Space” for living Space clearly. Allocating the “MA” emptiness scape on the center of house connected each rooms and spaces, It would be corridor, Family space and any space at any period.

Not only physical strength, but also durable space adapting any living way at any period would be important for future housing style.