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Location : Changzhou, Jiangsu

Time Period : 2013.11 - 2014.1

Status : Completed

Principal Use : Retail

Gross Area : 114m2

Photo : Eiichi KANO

As part of the Re-branding project for Japanese suit retailer P.S.FA in Chinese Market, we deal with creating a concept shop representing the brand’s future direction. P.S.FA was born in Japan from 2000, responded for social demands of young suit collection. However, Chinese custom wearing formal suit for business environment haven’t penetrated into Chinese young generation yet. So we tried to change the strict impression of formal suit to more casual letting them come visit freely.

Our first consideration for interior design was given by “Vintage Office + Industrial Factory”, which divided the store space into two parts. So we decided to place “THE COORDINATE OFFICE” on the center of store, there are series of torsos with a variety of fashion coordinations, also combining together with fitting rooms. And outside of it, called “THE FACTORY”, is the place stacking clothes and accessories adapting to high-volume stock.

“THE COORDINATE OFFICE” is the heart of this brand succeeding as the formal wear brand, “THE FACTORY” is flexible space representing fresh impression for visitors in every seasons.