Tomo Yamakawa Design


Location : Beijing, China

Time Period : 2014.5-2014.11

Status : Completed

Principal Use : Boutique

Gross Area : 969.7m2

Photo : Eiichi KANO

For SECOO, a Chinese luxury brand platform dealing in selected high-class retail brands, we proposed brand-new interior design for their flagship boutique located in Beijing, China. SECOO has been known as secondhand shop dealing in vintage products. However, following social demands for high-brand market in China, they wanted to change their own old impression to specialty boutique for selected multi-brand platform. As a part of re-branding for SECOO, we have designed their new boutique interior.

Following the design concept of SECOO “LAYER”, we made for total visual identity, which creating spatial sequence and dividing sales area for each brand. Shanghai is “Translucent Brick Wall”. Chengdu is “Sequential Bamboo Partition”. We proposed “Metal Fabric Device” for Beijing.

“Metal Fabric Device” brings out the rich variety of different spaces for each divided area, but also it is connected gradually letting you feel each existence. And also allocating white marble space with bright lighting and hexagonal dark oak space with low sealing height in order by metal fabric, you would feel alternate cozy space and lively space. It would be also special device letting people fun shopping.

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